The Coronalogues
The Coronalogues

Season 1, Episode 5 · 1 year ago

Chapter 5: Standing Ovation


Standing Ovation

An NHS nurse tries to make her way home from a shift on a Thursday evening during lockdown.


The Nurse voiced by Shauna Macdonald

Jean voiced by JoJo Sutherland 

Written by Keir McAllister 


Music Composed and Performed by Dave Be Mac 

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The Corona looks chapter five standingovasion just to be clear and please don't think,I'm being contreaty for the sake of it. And yes, I am very tired, but still youneed to know this. I don't need your applause. This is not the reason I dowhat I do. If people clapping my career choices were necessary to me, I wouldha e become an opprir singer or a standup comedian or a musician or anactor. I did not choose to do those things. I did not choose to do what Ido, because I expected public appreciation for it, and I know thatsounds like I'm being ungrateful and I'll be honest, I don't really care I'msorry if it makes me sound like a bitch, but I'm tired, I'm very tired- and I ampast cating now Hu past Katignow, I'm Goingna get thaton a tshirt past cating night, there's Youre new slogan for the Sidt of a Basstraight out the cliffsod dover welcome to Britain. We are past cading. Now today has been too much limit reached.

I hit my Peik when I left the ward I'dwalking through the main hospital and five times count thum one two, threefour five times: someone actually stops me MIDSTEP and says: You'll make ithome in time to hear them clapping for you or words to that ffect and, firstly,I am like hol step right, the way back at my face, please two meters and thensome and second of all round of applause seriously. I don't want to hear anything otherthan wine being opened in a bath being run. You Clap, monkeys, nock yourselfout, I'm going to drink and Salk to the last few days seem further away thanthey are. This has been the worst few weeks of my career and let me tell youin the past few years that takes some doing nursing stopped being career sometime ago. These days, it's a cause. It's an act of rebellion to care peoplekeeding. The measure of a society is how well ittakes care of its most vulnerable. Who Was it said that somedady saidsomething like that hat these are these are things thatused to be said that, but that people used to say and mean I mean not justsaid, like valued, acted upon, believed in and Ar Wrong, and do you know I'mhaving to get a taxi home right now, standing outside waiting on a taxi totake me home and we're all having to get taxis one because a nurse, aworking frontline worker who just finished her shift, was threatened byother passengers when she got on of us in case she infected them. I mean thisis a nurse whose worked a twelve hour, a shift looking after other people. Shewasn't even near the IC. U Wards are any COVID patients. She was inpediatrics, but she was actually threatened. Can you believe that thisis where we are now? They are having to pay for taxis totake US home at the end of a shift, because people cannot be civil...

I'll. Tell you exactly why I became anurse, because my two empties were amazing. They were two of the bestpeople, I've ever known and funny. Oh, they were so funny outrageous, clever and kind. They werekind good people and they knew things they knew about. Howfork worked aboutpain about death growing up. I just thought they were alot of fun and then I learne to what their job entailed and I used to think.How could you do that every day and still be this? Much Fun still have thismuch love for life inside e, but they were and they were noble to me, but maybe the only time in a life. I'veever actually been impressed by what some they did for a living to do whatthey did to care professionally for Sik people and then be the first up to thedance at the slightest whiff of a party. That's why I became a nurse because my aunties were really fuckingcool, see. What I don't understand is I I tolthis point. What was it that you all thought we were actually doing? I mean I get that everyone hashtigloves the NHS now because it's trending on twitter, but people are out in thestreet competing to see who can bang their pots thelowust make great thanksfor that, but I don't mean to be rid, but what did you think we were doingbefore Kurona made it so obvious? I mean we were always at risk. Do you know how many medical stuff getssalted in hospitals every year? How many catch infections? Do you know howmany of my colleagues hi've had to watch being racially abused? I meanthat's a hard one to swallow. Professional doctors and nurses beingcalled names being told to go back to where they came from as they stitchsomeone up or give them the treatment that could save their small mindedlittle lives. Man Try watching that a few times and then tell me that everyone deserves to be cured for,...

...and you know what the worst thing isabout witnessing it is the locomccolleague's faces every singlecolleague that I've seen racially abuse has had the same exact look on theirface of here. We go again an expression of committed toleranc at accustomed to it as Ough, it'snormal God that secondd me. I want to punch them, Hou, dearthey or AFOR. The Mont here anymore, notsurprised. You would not believe the MO colleagues. I've lost because of BrexitN, and I don't blame them. I mean they were made to feel so welcome. To be honest with you, I think it'spart of the plan you see. I was never political. I had no time for it, I'm anurse I'm not interested, and then they made me political, your Jerremy Huntand I like a man who corrol a pamphlet on how theNHS should be privatized becomes. Minister for the neches, I mean what isgoing on and I watched him wear a bad with NHSstamped on it. I watched him swon about telling people how much he valued theINATUREAS, how much he respected the anitches workers while systematicallydestroying it making cuts driving the roll through the floor. Oh God, it'spart of the plan. You can see what they're doing I mean come on. They cutsupport for the NHS while all the time. They're saying they're trying to saveit all the time but crinning and the Masagin the figures and ignoringprofessional opinion, afvoiding scrutiny and then or they turn aroundand they say well, actually, we tried our best, but sorry the negs just can'tbe saved. Unfortunately, we're going to have to let her go and the only rootforward is to privatize it, but only a little bit, and only for those who canafford it and then slowly slowly catchy monkey. We have a two teer healthsystem, which will become a tree toeur...

...system and before you know it we'relike the good old us of a where you paid ten seno dollars to have a baby,and that is without preor Polsonat ocare. It cost you fortodollars to holdyour own child after givin berth. Did you know that Forto dollars to hold your own baby?This is a plan. Folks, I'm telling you and we all know it, but we're notsupposed to say it in case. That's what they do, which they're going to doanyway. I don't even know who our healthsecrety is now on ill. Hang on. I do I. It's Hangcock the one who looks like heate the Bat. Okay, I'm sorry at that was cruel, but I've had enough. I have this theory why people votingleaders who obviously behave badly like your bodices in your trumps, the oneswho are blatantly unkind, and I think it's because if they are incharge, then we all have permission to act unkindly to act, selfishly ban. I shouldn't even be talking aboutthis, but I'm still watching people die I'm sitting with them in their lastmoment, because their families can't be there. I mean not just old people.Listen to me, not just old people, all people, people with life in them peoplewith families, with things to say, like things to live for dying in front of me, weare so vulnerable. We are allso paperskin vulnerable and I hope you know that. That's just it! We don't youdon't I mean how long has lockdowne been going on, for everyone knows thescore. Everyone has seen the numbers and I see people still not sociallyDistancsang, theyre walking cycling going into other people's houses, and Iwant to scream with you stop. Will you stop at night, because you are oneshallow breath away from death from not being here? We all. Are...

I found out that Christin has it. Imean I knew he had it, but I didn't know it got bad that they had admitted them that he wasnotbe going to go on to Hevventalato et's been my colleague for the lastthree years and he made work a joy. I mean there aretimes a MOU of packed this in of it wasn't for him. I admired him as a nurse absolutely hisprofessionalism, the way he was with his patients but morsal. Just as ahuman being I admired him, I mean I mean I still didnid him. I liked him from the first moment I met.He was one of those people you meet every now and again and whocan still make an impression on you. I think what it was about and I want tosay something deep and meaningful, but I think it was simply because he waskind is kind like he wasn't. It isn't trying to look like he was being kind.He just was actually kind like my Auntie's, like he was is, is why why doI keep doing that like he is? He is a kind human being and thought alosen em of him dying, because he was doing his job Thot to sadness. I fing difficult tober. I don't think I could ohw find out the other day I was leaving Bo shifting. They told me icried all the way home in the taxi.

I was in a stateand when I got out, Icould find the keys and just ended up, sat at the front of my flat justsobbing it took all my energy to lift myself back up and go indoors on mhytaxes here, glad to see the drivers waiting a facemask I put mine on to it's, not one of theones we use on the word, but it's better than nothing protects a driver.If nothing else I get in and the driver Hus an EWS on.I ask him to put off. I can't bear the billshit anymore the pretending that,on top of it, no amounts of applause, byging, aport,baguating, wirl change, the fact that we are feeling to do the one thing thatwe are meant to do, the measure by which we should be judged taking careof our most vundeble. I just want to believe in kindnessagain like that it is a commodity that matters, I'm tired of stories of hand,sanitizers being stolen from our wards and I'm tired of looking through socialmedia and seeing the idiots kicking off because hey can't go out or themillionaires demanding taxpayers paid to build them out or politicians,avoiding scrutiny or the deleded making up conspiracy. Thins I mean come onfive g masts somewhere out there. I swear. There's a team of monkeyssearching for a vaccine for revolution. Okay, there was the old major, oh, whata sweet heart, but since when did our National Health Service require onehundred yout old men to do lapps of their garden to fund it? When did thatbecome a thing? And I'm not trying to take away whathe's done, but he shouldn't have needed to. He should be sitting down nor outon his Zimmor in his driveway. Why does it take a pandemic to make usvalue the care that we shall one...

...another makes me so angry? Almost home, we turned into my street the taxi driver, a young lad. whill. Isee that he's probably ages. For me, Polish, I think he turns and says weshould be home in time for your round of applause. Oh, I briefly considerlipping from the moving vehicle he peels up just in front of the localcoroner shop. Jean is standing out front to look at her. Jean should have diedabout three years ago. She is not a healthy looking woman. She usually onlydoes mornings in the shop. I wonder she's here Gane down specially for youlof. She says, and I surprise myself by genuinelybeing moved Jean. That's we nice of you just showin my appreciation. Youdeserve a Standin ofation, you, my dear well done you no put some essentialstogether, they're on your door, stap eve just give them a! We White Witchinyour charge. You didn't need to do that, Jean itsokay, don't be so selly people need to beable to thank you. They need that as much as you need to hear it and just then it must have struck apmbecause the clapping begins all at once. Allaround me I turn around and the taxi driver hasgot out his cab and is standing in the middle of the road and Hes hes banginghis hand together, and he shouts up the street she's a nurse. This lady is anurse, and the noise suddenly comes in a wave of people are shouting. Thankyou, they're cheating, whistling someone has a drum oit to round thestreet suddenly teaming with faces on my side of the road with the houses.People are standing in their gardens, some of them holding banners, they'dmade waving flags, and I try to look at...

...them all to catch all of their eyes. An older man stood by his patio window,dressed smigtly in a shortened time. He stood grinning like an Idet at me.Nothing thank you over and over n again and there's a young family ind. Hisguiden also beaming at me, a young boy, a toddler age and waving around whatlooks like a coconut on a cout hanger and screaming. I love nurses, at thetop of his lungs and the on on the other side of the road in the flats.People are all leaning, aut their windows as a pass. They cheer Loder andone couple are completely going for it. They must have been on something orjust very drunk, but they're, throwing ripped up bits of paper out the window.Like am fity years, a path, and I hear them singing video Icune, a version ofI'mholding out for a heror while pointing at me and making. I love yousigns with her fingers and I couldn't help that laugh. Every window has someone in it andthey're all clapping they're, all looking at me and a Plod in likemaniacs, and I get almost to the end of the roadtoweer. My hoses and there's a loade knock on one of the windows oppositeand I look up and there's a man he's standing crying and tears streamingdown his face and he's holding a sign that reads my daughter maybe was born, safe andwell this afternoon. Thank you, Andy Cas, and I think it was this that brokeme and I feel this. This SOB Blicke burst from somewheredeep inside me, and I start to wail like like. I make this noid Ih've neverheard myself mate before and chearing only seems to get lowger inresponse. As I walk up to my doorstep, I see there. It is a huge box of shopping, including wine and chocolateand all the things I hadn't been able... find the time to buy, and it is such a lovely thing. It's such a lovely thing to do and Ifeel grateful and I feel appreciated and okay, I take it back. I did need this. Oh, I really didn't this to know. There was kindness still outthere. Thank you. Thank you. People are still clapping it. As Itried to get into my house embarrassingly, I can't find my keysagain and I have to put my bag down and rifle through it, and I eventuallypulled them out and I open my front door and I'll look up and my heart stops. I initially can't take in what I'mseeing, but my holeway is covered in bits of paperthat had seemingly been stuffd through Ma Lemer box, like hundreds of them,some of them blowing further up the hale in the draft created by me openingthe door, and it takes more than a second toregister this, but they're all cressmen fifty pound nose. The coronalogues is a wachless spaceproduction and partnership with Guiltblin. If you have enjoyed thisrecording, please consider making a Denesian the details can befaind in theaudio description. Alternatively, by visiting Watsh the space productionscomor Gildedblin Doo, O ut AL donations will be stid evening betweencontributors with a Denatian going towards the guilt bullet. Thank you.

Standing withation was written by KerMC allister. The nurse was plaid by Shona McDonald, Jean was played byGeorgeo Suterland, Herigio, music, composed and performent. By Dave, athspecial thanks to Alex Steven Richard Melbourne, Cavin Anderson, Katy andKadan cordon and all the guilt of Belin.

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