The Coronalogues
The Coronalogues

Season 1, Episode 3 · 1 year ago

Chapter 3: Waiting For Marvel


Waiting for Marvel

A father-to- be awaits the arrival of his first born in difficult circumstances.


Father-to-be voiced by Cal MacAninch

Jean voiced by JoJo Sutherland 

Written by Keir McAllister 


Music Composed and performed by Dave Be Mac 

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The coronaloxs chapter free waiting forMarvel. It's the waiting, I've, never known time to move sotortuously slowly, it's utterly excruciating. I don't think I'm an impatient man, not,I think, there's anyone else. In fact, people have remarked on my patiencebefore I would say I'm very good at waiting, but this this is beyond what anyone coun beexpected to call with. This is inhumane. I've waited an lot of things beforethings are wanted to happen things it didn't want to happen. Things ofimportance and things hat tone her to be nothing at all. I've waited on things that didn't evenknow I was waiting on, but you you are the hardest bit of waiting. Ihave ever done. We have been waiting a long time foryou not just waiting. We looked for youfirst, you should know that that we've been looking for you. We spent two years trying to find youon our own, but we couldn't so me and...

...your mom had to get some help from theHospital Ivy F. But you don't need to know that the point is for five years. Theyhelped us and a couple of times we almost had you and then this one timewe got really really close. Like you were there, we glimpsed you and then at the last minute you slippedthrough our fingers into the mist. It was hard. It was hard to get soclose and then I thought I was going to lose your mumtoo, but we didn't. That is not what happened. I thought we might give up. I thought we might just let the idea ofyou drift away, but that never happened either because- and this is importantso listen- We loved you so fucking much even then, and your mom wer you're going to pit this oforyourself soon, but your mom is te on. She calls it being strow. I haven't thepast calle to other things and I'm very sorry for thet, but you should know itwas hard more than me. It was because of her that we screwedup every last bit of our courage and we decided to go look for you again togive it one last chance all on nothin and can you believe in? Will you not just rigt there in the very last place we could havelooked? Oh thank God, e'r notging through thatnow the IVF thing I mean people have been waiting months now,it's caunseled Postponedin, definitely and with every passing month or chancesor finting their own yew decreases. I don't know if I could have called Inow po people, but it doesn't change the fact that Ishould be there with you. Now we yep your mum and I never imagined ina million years that I would not be...

...there. Believe me this. All of this wasnot in the meticulously thought out birth plan. We plann this thing like a assortionseleven. At no point was I not going to be present for this. I was meant to bethere. Of course, I was going to be there, but this decision was taken out of myhands. There's nothing. I have ever wantedmore than to be there with you right now. Believe me, it's killing me. I wanted to welcome you to hold you. Iwanted to be there so that when you arrived, you would see me. You wouldthink that I was your Daddy, then the whole world has gone andchanged and the blink of an eye. I don't even know how this happened. Itwould have guessed this could happen. I still not understand that some guy ate about and Chaina and allof a sudden. I can't be there when my first child is born. I mean how is thateven a thing that can happen, but it has here we are do you know you were during the daythey announced the locktown Monday twenty third of March, and wewere both in he right panic. You Mom, and I I caln't believe it the distancewe had come and knower this. We almost almost allowed heurselve tobelieve that you were actually going to be here at the beginning. We didn'tdear to we kept your secre as long as we could.We were too scared to acknowledge you a low just in case calling you by namewould somewhon make you less likely freighten you away. Eventually we couldn't keep it in. We just couldn't and not just because people couldobviously see that you were on your way...

...for themselves b because waiting foryou changed US completely. The johnney spilled outfulness, Wer Giddy, with anticipation. We wereterrified with anticipation, we Wele Besaye thourselves and all the timewaiting waiting waiting, and I still can't believe HEU easargoing to be here. I'm going to see your reface, you are going to be here on Yer. We did everything right. Your Mon was amazing. She was so calmwent to Yoga. I know you mam ded yoga. After all the cruel things she saidabout those Yunmy mummies with her Yoga Mats Me Tho recycod tenpoints, but shedid. She ate all the right things she did.Mindfulness shouldn't have won short of the killer,not one! That's how much she loved the possibility of you. Imagine what is going to be late whenshe sees you she's, a natural kid wit Mir I mean you've met Bata, you know a, Imean she took the pregnancy so well. WeDun't understand why hat been so hard for us together and then we were on thefinal street. We could see the finishing line, the light at the end ofthe tunnel, the gold at the end of the rainbow and then boom coronavilusinternational emergency global pandemic, any ches in crisis and we're likeyou've got to be shitting me. No, that's for your mom said. Actually, that's not true. It was a lot more graphic than that.Bea Mun wouldn't want you to know how much he uses a sea word you've plentyof time to find that over yourself, so we are panicking but we' Fon. Thehorse. Butall me get the advice. Basically Steve Putuntil, you decideyou are ready to join us. Then we all...

...go together to the hospital just likenormal. I wouldn't be allowed to stay becauseof the virus Blalebla and have to come home, but I could be there to welcome you and we just got heads runed that andthen and then I wake up in the middle of the night, with a sore thought with a sore throat and that's one of the symptoms. Theytell you to watch out for isn't it and I try to reteind it's just a tickle,but it's no. It's a Soor Thronn, of course, is. Let mean why wouldn't it be, but I can't take any chances nor withyou. We've come too far. Im on was asleep, but I make thedecision I don't want to, but Adiou I grab some stuff write or a note toforn me and I leave in the middle of the night and I come to the old flad. It's not lately getting any ear bin Bcustomers for a while. Is it your mom was not happy. She forned the second. She woke up andI explained she was not happy. Let me tell you useto see what again a number of times there were tears, sniveling snortingscreaming and then she started, but is for the best not taking chances. Well, that doesn'tmean I don't hat her. I'm freaking out here. First Day I was hearing my own Iwas,going out my mind. I was sure you momma going to Laborthat day I was positive. She Wul I was sitting here staring at the phornwaiting for the call Andi must have fallen asleep. I was exhausted when I woke up. I immediately looked tosee if I'd missed, ter Cole the battery was dead. The floor went from Udeneath me. I feltsick. I hunted run for a charge at the plug the Fornin, and then I realizeddon't have one dinner. It was at home...

...plugged in at the side of the bed whereI left it. So I lost it. I charge out the Flat Anto the CLOUSEand I bangin the door of the flat down the stairs. I have no idea who's livingthere. No, but I bangin the door show and like a maniac, oh be no bopen upit's an emergency. I need to charge you and I'm sure Ti, hear someone movingaround Insade, but no one answers. Why would they I mean? There's aPANDEMICCON: You don't open your door to the Shoutin meaniax, so I run downto the ground floor level and out into the street, and I just start runninground looking for a fawn charger, and then I see the shop open. This weecorner shop and there's Ta Wee woman looks about a hundred and six she's outthe front smoking a cigarette. You are right. Sin You're, looking a bit ofyour tets you and a come down. My wife is pregnant. Fun. Did your lifeis pregnant? Should you not be reter coonavice? I think I might havecoronivies couldn't stay with A. I doubt if you can run Arain like ahaidless checken like that ut' stoll stay over the Rep. don't come near USWat. Do you need I'll get it? Fordye you'L, look Om an in e shop, afoolcharger in eed Fon Charter. Please tell me you have a fon chalter. She was justforn hold up my phone and sure, and she not I could have kissed eff. You needanything else, Ecor that and I tried to think what I needed, but before Imanaged to see anything she said I'll get eat some bets and she disappeared. I croached in the pavement still tryingto get my breath back still trying to control the panic inside that you wereon your way. There's something Thad happened and I was uncontactable. The woman came back oat. She put theBagger Shop Indon in the pavement. There are some things in near someparaceamore as well: late, Wewe, Litt I get back and San then come and get itput the money in this bag. She held up...

...a small bank bag, the type you get forbagging up coins and leave it in the doorway and I'll pick it up afteryou've gone Ol must o you call it twenty quite se, gos to go back and say then thenshe stops was that true about your wife as shereally Havn'tg a baby. Yes, I said right now: it 'll be okay, son, deepbreasts, okay, thet'll all be ou key. She smiles at toothy smile that wasmore comforting than it should have been. I pick up the big leave the money, asyou toll me, an run as fast as I can back to the flat. I plug the phone andwait the few seconds it takes for it to come on, and I've forn your mom and she was just the same. You were not ready. Everything was Fain and IAM back to waiting. I try to put the TAILY ON BU con'twatch it. It just makes the wait. Ing so muchharder, it wasn't even the news it was on. Itwas some daytime to atc you a thing, and they were talking about this nuswho died pregnant nus, who died from the virus. They saved ther baby, butthat Troa woman Mary on name was what was she doingworking that lay into o pregnancy? I mean I wouldn't let your mom go to theshops, but this brave woman, it's too much. I broke down when I head all insade to have throw him it sadnessand anxiety and tthe tragedy orall. I couldn't take it of anything. I probably shouldn't tell Yei this, but we've been calling. You Marvel that I realize it's a bit much I meanthere's a lot to live up to if it was up to your mom. That would beyour ractual name, but I had to put my foot down you're, not American, Youare,Scottish and no child could survive a scor schol with a name like marvel.

You are, though, and marvel there was so little chance. Taf You'even been here and yet you're on your way. This is the last Birt, and that is whyyou are the hardest waiting I have ever done. I can never imagine having to dobecause you are a marvel. You are the essence of everything thatis right and beautiful and hopeful in this world. Every one thinks so you've created so much love already.It's not just me and your mom there's people on the other side of theworld waiting right now wanting you to be here safe, your grandparents, don't get me started, but they are on tenter hooks. Every one we know is fully occupied inthe waiting for you to arrive so as much as it kills me. Take your time take as long as you want just Gatye, safe. Okay, I have made all sorts of bargains withGods. I don't believe in that's o Kiy Thouh, whatever you are whatever you will be. You have become the point of me now, however long I have, the Wain just makesure your safe emi. However long we have to wait, you'll be so. The cronaloges is a wortless spaceproduction and partnership with guilted Blyn. If you have enjoyed thisrecording, please consider making an Denesian the details can be fained inthe audio description. Alternatively,... visiting whatch, the spaceproduction Stongo ar gilted Lindoo Dou aldernations will be slid evenlybetween contributors with a genation going towards the guilted bullen. Thankyou. Waiting for Marvel was written by Kermcalliston father to be wis played by CAL macknitch Jean was played byGeorgel Sutherland, original music composed and performed by Dave bmack.The special thanks to Alex Steven Richard Melbourne, Kevin Anderson, Katyand Cata caudon and Alli Gol Debolin.

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