The Coronalogues
The Coronalogues

Season 1, Episode 3 · 1 year ago

Chapter 3: Waiting For Marvel


Waiting for Marvel

A father-to- be awaits the arrival of his first born in difficult circumstances.


Father-to-be voiced by Cal MacAninch

Jean voiced by JoJo Sutherland 

Written by Keir McAllister 


Music Composed and performed by Dave Be Mac 

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The coronalogus, chapter three, waitingfor Marvel. It's the waiting. I've never known time to move so tortuouslyslowly. It's utterly excruciating. I don't think I'm an impatient man, nordo I think there's anyone else. In fact, people have remarked on mypatience before. I would say I'm very good at waiting. But this,this is beyond what anyone could be expected to call with. This is inhumane. I've waited a lot of things before, things I want it to happen,things I didn't want to happen, things of importance and things a timeout to be nothing at all. I've waited on things that didn't even knowI was waiting on. But you, you are the hardest bit of waitingI have ever done. We've been waiting a long time for you. Notjust waiting, we looked for you first. You should know that, that we'vebeen looking for you. We spent two years trying to find you inour own but we couldn't. To me...

...and your mom had to get somehelp from the hospital, I vf, but you don't need to know that. The point is, for five years they helped us and a couple oftimes we almost had you, and then this one time we got really,really close, like you were there, we glimpsed you, and then thelast minute you slipped through our fingers into the mist. It was hard.It's hard to get so close. And then I thought was going to loseyour mom too, but we didn't. That is not what happened. Ithought we might give up, I thought we might just let the idea ofyou drift away, but that never happened either because, and this is important, so listen, we loved you so fucking much even then. And yourmum where? You're going to put this out for yourself very soon, butyour mum is stubborn. She calls it being strong. I have in thepass called to other things and I'm very sorry for that, but you shouldknow it was hard more than me. It was because of her that wescrewed up every last bit of our courage and we decided to go look foryou again, to give it one last chance, all on nothing. Andcan you believe it, were you not just right there in the very lastplace we could have looked? Oh thank God, I'll not can through thatnow. The IVF thing. I mean people have been waiting months now it'scanceled, postponed indefinitely, and with every passing month or chances are finding theirown you decreases. I don't know if I could have caught with her,poor people, but it doesn't change the fact that I should be there withyou now. We Yep, your mum, and I never imagined in a millionyears that I would not be there.

Believe me, this, all ofthis was not in the meticulously thought out birth plan. We planned thisthing like it was oceans eleven. At no point was I not going tobe present for this. I was meant to be there. Of course Iwas going to be there, but this decision was taken out of my hands. There's nothing I have ever are. Wanted more than to be there withyou right now. Believe me, it's killing me. I wanted to welcomeyou, to hold you, I wanted to be there so that when youarrived, you would see me, you would think that I was your Daddy. But then the whole world has gone and changed and the blink of aneye. I don't even know how this happened. It would have guessed thiscould happen. I still don't understand that some guy eat about and China andall of a sudden I can't be there for my first child is born.I mean, how is that even a thing that can happen? But ithas, and here we are. Do you know you were do in theday they announced the lockdown, Monday twenty third of March, and we wereboth in a rape panic, your mom and I can believe it, thedistance we had come and now this, we almost almost allowed ourself to believethat you were actually going to be here. At the beginning, with endear too, we kept your secret as long as we could. We were tooscared to acknowledge you at load, just in case calling you by name wouldsomehow make you less likely frighten you away. Eventually, we couldn't keep in.We just couldn't, and not just because people could obviously see that youwere on your way for themselves, but...

...because waiting for you changed US completely. The Johnny spilled out from us will getty with anticipation. We were terrified. With anticipation. We would beside ourselves and all the time waiting, waiting, waiting, and I still can't believe you're as still going to be here. I'm going to see your we face. You are going to be here onyou. We did everything right. Your mum was amazing. She wasso calm. Went to Yoga. I know your mum did yoga after allthe cruel things she said about those Yummymummies, whether yoga mats made a recy goodtime points. But she did date all the right things. She didmindfulness. Shouldn't have one shot of Tequila, not one. That's how much sheloved the possibility of you. Imagine what is going to be like whenshe sees you. She's a natural kid ware. Do you M her?I mean you've met, but you know what I mean. She took toopregnancy so well. Now we couldn't understand why it's been so hard for ustogether. And then we would on the final street. We could see thefinishing line, the light at the end of the tunnel, the gold atthe end of the rainbow, and then boom, coronavirus, international emergency,global pandemic, any chas in crisis, and we're like, you've got tobe shitting me. Well, that's for your mom said. Actually, that'snot true. It was a lot more graphic than that. Be a momwouldn't want you to know how much he uses a sea world. You've plentyof time to find out for yourself. Through we are panicking, but we'veon the hospital when we get the advice, basically stay put until you decide you'reready to join us. Then we...

...all go together to the hospital,just like normal. I wouldn't be allowed to stay because of the virus.Bloody Blah. I'd have to come home, but I could be there to welcomeyou. And we just got our heads around that. And then,and then I wake up in the middle of the night with a sore throat. With us, sore throat, and that's one of the symptoms they tellyou to watch out for, isn't it? And I try to pretend it's justa tickle, but it's not. It's a sore throne. Of coursethere's. I mean, why wouldn't it be? But I can't take anychances, not with you. We've come too far. The Mum was asleep, but I make the decision. I don't want to, but I do. I grab some stuff, right or a note to phone me, andI leave in the middle of the night and I come to the old flat. It's not lately getting any are being be customers for a while, isit? Your mum was not happy. She phoned the second she woke upand I explained she was not happy. Let me tell you, used tosee what again a number of times. There were tears, sniveling, snorting, screaming, and then she started. But it's for the best, nottaking chances. Well, that doesn't mean I don't hate it. I'm freakingout here. First Day I was here in my own I was going toout my mind. I was sure your mom go into the Labor that day. I was positive she would. I was sitting here staring at the phonewaiting for the call and I must have fallen asleep. I was exhausted.When I woke up, I immediately look to see if I missed the call. The battery was dead. The floor went from underneath me. I feltsick. A hunted round for a charger to plug the phone and and thenI realized didn't have one. Did it.

It was at home, plugged inat the side of the bed where I left it. So I lostit. I charge out at the flat and to the close and I bangedthe door of the flat down the STA years. I have no idea who'sliving there now. But I banging the door, showing like a maniac.Oh, we're not, but went up. There's an emergency. I need acharger, and I'm sure to hear someone moving around inside, but noone answers. Well, why would they? I mean there's a pandemic one youdon't open your door to the shooting maniacs. So I run down tothe ground floor level and out into the street and I just start running aroundlooking for a phone charger and then I see the shop open, this weecorner shop, and there's this wee woman looks about a hundred and six.She's out the front smoking a cigarette. You had a son. You're lookat a bit off your tests. You and I come down. It's itdoesn't see my wife has pregnant. Pun Did your wife is pregnant? Shouldyou not be whether coronavirus? I think I might have coronavirus. Couldn't staywith her, I doubt if you can run around like a headless checking likethat, but still steal over there up, don't come near us. What doyou need? I'll get it for thee you look coming in the shop. A phone charger. I need phone charter. Please tell me you havea phone charter. Sure, it's just phone. I hold up my phoneand sure, and she nod. I could have kissed her. Do youneed anything else? Milk or that? And I tried to think what Ineeded. Before I'd manage to see anything. She said, I'll get you somebets and she disappeared. I crouched in the pavement, still trying toget my breath back, still trying to contry roll the panic inside that youwere on your way. There's something had happened and I was uncontactable. Thewoman came back out. She put the bag of shopping down in the pavement. There's some things in there, some para sat mall as well. Late. We need to I get back inside and then come and get it.Put the money in this bag. She held up a small bank bag,the type you get for bagging up coins,...

...and leave it in the doorway andI'll pick it up after you have gone. Almost owe you call ittwenty quit. She goes to go back inside and then she stops. Isthat true about your wife and she really having a baby? Yes, Isaid, right now, I'll be okay, son, deep brace, okay,that will all be okay. She smiles a toothy smile. That wasmore comforting than it should have been. I pick up the bag, leavethe money, as you told me, and run as fast as I canback to the flat. I plug the phone and wait a few seconds ittakes for it to come on, and I phone your mum, and shewas just the same. You were not ready. Everything was fine, andI'm back to waiting. I tried to put the telly on, but Ican't watch it. It just makes the waiting so much harder. It wasn'teven the news it was on. It was some daytime chatual thing and theywere talking about this nus who died, pregnant nus who died from the virus. They saved a baby, but that poor woman, maybe your name was. What was she doing work? Can that lay into our pregnancy? Imean, I wouldn't let your mom go to the shops, but this bravewoman? It's too much. I broke down when I heard it. Allinside were throwing with sadness and anxiety in the tragedy of a all I couldn'ttake it of anything. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but we've beencalling you marvel that. I realize it's a bit much. I mean,there's a lot to live up to. If it was up to your mom, that would be your actual name, but I had to put my footdown. You're not American, your Scottish and no child could survive a Scottishschool with a name like marvel. You...

...are, though, a marvel.There was so little chance if you even been here, and yet you're onyour way. This is the last bit, and that is why you are thehardest waiting I have ever done. I can never imagine having to do, because you are a marvel. You're the essence of everything that is rightand beautiful and hope for in this world. Everyone thinks so. You've created somuch love already. It's not just me and your mum. There's peopleon the other side of the world waiting right now wanting you to be heresafe. Your grandparents, don't get me started, but they are on tenderhooks. Everyone we know is fully occupied in the waiting for you to arrive. So, as much as it kills me, take your time, takeas long as you want, just get your safe. Okay, I've madeall sorts of bargains with God, so I don't believe in that's okay,though, whatever you are, whatever you will be, you've become the pointof me. Now, however long I have to wait, just make sureyou're safe. You hear me? However long we have to wait, youwill be soon. The coronalogs is a watch the space production and partnership withguilty blend. If you have enjoyed this recording, please consider making a donation. The details can be found in the audio description. Alternatively, by thistake watch this space productionscom or guilded balloon...

DOT CO DOT UK. All donationswill be split aimnly between contributors, with a donation going towards the guilded bullet. Thank you. Waiting for Marvel was written by Ker mcallister. Father tobe was played by Carl mcninch. Jean was played by Jojo Sutherland. Originalmusic composed and performed by Dave B Mac with special thanks to Alex, StephenRichard Melbourne, Kevin Anderson, Katie and Karen Corn and all that Guilda Balloon.

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