The Coronalogues
The Coronalogues

Season 1, Episode 2 · 1 year ago

Chapter 2: Jigsaw Puzzle


Jigsaw Puzzle

A young woman tries to leave her partner but the virus intervenes.


Rhona played by Megan Shandley 

Jean voiced by JoJo Sutherland 

Written by Keir McAllister 


Music Composed and performed by Dave Be Mac 

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The coronalous chapter two, chicksaw puzzle. These are strange times, so real times. I know people keep sayingthat on the TV, how surreal the soul is, how it's like afilm. I don't think it is. Most films make sense. In mydefense, a lot of this is Daniel Sauce's fall. He's a comedian.If you don't know, he got back in the last few years. Hecomes from the same time as me. I've never seen him, but myfriend Marie has hardly shut up about him for like three years. He hadthese specials come out recently on Netflix and one of them is called Jigsaw.I'd heard a lot about it but, as I said, hadn't seen it. The gist of it is he questions the whole idea of being in arelationship, whether humans are even cut out for it. I mean it's hardlygroundbreaking, but he does it so well that all these couples break up afterwatching it. I can't remember how many, but it's in the thousands now,like I personally know, at least six couples are broken up because ofhis show. Admittedly, the three of these involved my Palm Marie, andthose car crashes probably didn't need done your sources intervention, but she believes thiscomedy show is the reason why they did, and continued to an army so muchby talking about it that I eventually decided I should just watch the thingnow. I didn't have high expectations. I love Marie dearly, but hertaste in men is almost as bad as her days in anything remotely cultural.Her favorite film is Magic Mike Xxl, not even the first one, butthe sequel. I mean, she openly tells people this. Doesn't even pretendthat it's the piano or lady bird or something a bit more feministy, andshe tells everybody. Doesn't need to be asked, just walks around up onthe announcing to the world that her absolute favorite film in the history of theentire genre of film is the sequel to the one about male strippers with bigdicks. Thanks for that, Marie, but I don't think the haire topdeck of the bus needed to know that. So I wasn't expecting much, firstof all because it was Marie's suggestion and second of all, Daniel slousis handsome. I don't trust handsome comedians in the same way I don't trustreligious bartenders. You can't make me a good gin if you have Jesus inyour life, and you can't make me laugh if you've never had to relyon your ability to do so to avoid getting your head kicked in. Ialways preferred my comics funny out of necessity rather than choice, and Daniel Saucewas too handsome for that to be the case. His head was too beautifulto ever have been kicked in. Also, the special was filmed in America,and they laugh at any old shit in America. They laughed at Magic, my xxl and America. Anyway, Marie. He's been banging on aboutthis show since you saw it live in Edinboroh a couple of years ago thefringe, and it's since become her blueprint for every relationship she's gone into andsubsequently out of, and I was sick of hearing about it, doubly sowhen it came out on Netflix. I...

...can't believe you're not watched a yet. Grown are. How can you not have watched it? Genuinely change mylife like honestly, you cannot claim to be my best friend until you seeit. It's transformed I fundamentally. I am as a person watch it orI'll hate you. And she persevered tenaciously in this vein till they finally relented. I hate it when people do that, when they're so enthusiastic a about somethingthat they genuinely think less of you because you don't share their cultish commitmentfor it. I once hadn't hex break up with me because he didn't seea relationship going anywhere, and one of the chief reasons he cited was thatI hadn't seen a single episode of game of thrones. The irony of thisis as soon as we broke up, I spent the following week's binge watchingit in my PG's out spite, and I'm not a complete convert. Ieven enjoyed the last series. So anyway, I'm sick of her whining on aboutit. So I watch it with the full intention of purposefully hating it. I mentally prepare myself not to laugh, not even raise a smile. Ipsych myself up to love this cocky, we are soul spooning out his privilegedwhite boy, misogynistic perspective on the WHO's and wise of how relationship shouldwork. And I even have a pain and paper at the ready. Tomake notes. And then, of course I'm five minutes in and not onlyam I laughing, but I'm totally engaged and by the end of it I'vea hundred percent decided I'm going to leave Eden. I let me first ofall see there's nothing wrong with aiden, just two things that were right.Weren't right enough, and recently they were just not bad in any distinguishable way, nothing I could commit to put my finger on. They were just theyou know. And Yeah, we'd both been busy with work and neither ofUS had really made time for one another. But then I'm thinking, so,what's the point? I wanted something more. I deserve more than justwould. So I made up my mind to leave. First thing I hadto do, obviously, was tell the person who deserved to know first,and Marie was, of course, bloody delighted. Rona, this is marvelous, like this is why I wanted you to watch it. You must tweetDaniel and tell him. I think I should probably tell aiden first. Reallyokay, like if you think you must, but I can't just tell him aiden. I mean I need to have somewhere to go. I mean I'vebeen living it as flat and I happy for the best part of a yearand also, as far as he was concerned, everything was fine. Thiswas going to knock him for sex. I knew it would. He washappy with blur can tend in the burness of all. It was impossible forme to leave straight away. I needed an exit strategy, one that wasminimal drama, quick, clean and easy. feasibly. It was going to takea couple of weeks anyway before I was in any position to go anywhere, but I could do it. No, I would do it. I wasgoing to take my life to the next level. So I started.I organize my money. I spoke to my sister in Spain and organized togo straight there for a bit. She might even have connections for a jobfor me to teaching English like her. I booked fights and I prepared herI was going to break the news to aiden. If I ever felt mywill fagging, I'd put on Jigsaw and... resolve would instantly be emboldened.I was going to do this. Rona was finally taking charge of her life. As the date for my flight to Spain approached, the guilt of theimpending bombshell I was about to drop on aiden meant that I overcompensated by beinginadvertibly nicer to him than normal. selfishly, he responded affectionately back and began todawn on me what it was I was going to do. He hadno idea. Even had sex. It wasn't awful either, but it hadthe knock on effect of only increasing my guilt. I tried to block outby watching Jigsaw again, but then aiden caught me and as if you couldwatch it too, and I reacted like I just been caught watching a particularlysleazy porno. What? No, I wasn't watching this. Well, Iwas watching it a little bit, but just by accident. It just openedup on the screen and I couldn't be bothered switching off. No, no, I haven't watched it before. No, I don't know how it's come upmuch as a favorite. I think it I might be hacked. No, I'm not blushing, I'm just tired. Look, I think I'm going toturn in good. No, I h the night before I was dueto catch the flight to Spain, I still had not said anything to aiden. I was also still fully intending to leave. I began to wrestle withthe moral implications of a telling him by a text message when I was onthe plane, or preferred option be not telling him at all and just hopinghe would fill in the blanks himself. I quickly decided that neither would beso good for my long term mental health. So opted for surprise, still morallyrepugnant, but slightly less so, option, see, for big fatcoward, write him a note. Turned out the only paper in the housewas either baking or toilet. Who knew ballpoint pens didn't work on greased upBrown paper, no matter how hard you screaming them? And though I brieflyconsidered it, even I can bring myself to write a dear John Letter andbog roll. So we're right back to me actually having to physically say thingsto his face, the very thought of which is given me an anxiety attack. I mean, what would I say that didn't sound idiotic? A comediantold me to break up with you. You don't fit in my life,an allogy other jigsaw. I went to bed early. My Pat Suitcase wasin the wardrobe and I had checked into my living am flight online. Therewas a taxi coming for me at seventy M to take me to the airportand it was now just past ten PM at night. I had less thannine hours to tell my partner I was leaving him. He eventually lumbers intothe room. There's my chance. I have to see something. He undressesclumsily, gets into bed and we both lie there. He's turned away fromme. I'm staring into the ceiling, rigid still and I'm trying not tocry. And eventually I say aiden, and he grunts and I see,quietly but definitively, I'm leaving you tomorrow, and he doesn't see anything. There'sa long pause. Then, after a while, I feel them tremblingbeside me. I think about putting an arm around him, but I don't. I can't think of anything to say. What is there to see? Sowe both just lie there in the incomfortable bear truth of my conscious uncoupling. I don't think I slept, but...

I must have done, because whenmy alarm goes off, aiden isn't next to me anymore. I get dressedand get my pat suitcase out of the wardrobe and go into the living room. Aiden is slumped asleep on the couch. He looks awful as eyes are redfrom crying. He's breathing these huge sob snores and I feel a furtherstab of guilt at what I've done to him. I go over and kisshim on the forehead, close the front door, put my keys through theletterbox, get in the taxi and leave him forever, except, of courseI don't. I leave him for the length of time it takes me toget to the airport, get through security, watch in real time as every flightto Spain is canceled indefinitely in front of my very eyes. Then,in a final flourish of painful irony, back to aiden's Fart I go inthe very TAC ti that pick me up. I know where else to go.That journey back I'm turning myself inside out, cringing at the utter horror, rror of the intense humiliation I know find myself in. I literally havenowhere else to go. Going back to my parents is not an option.They don't have the room or the parental sense of duty. Staying with Marieis out of the question. She already has three other flatmates, two ofwhich I cannot stand, and that's in a two bedroom flat. They turnedthe living room into a third bedroom and sublet it. I'm suddenly aware thatthere's no one in my life that I'm comfortable with to the point that Ican just turn up on their doorstep with a suitcase. No one other thanaiden. The realization of this makes me incredibly sad. To Stop me frombecoming his cerical, I asked the driver to put the radio on, andthe news burst through the speakers. The driver turned it down to an acceptablelevel. It's only at this point that I realize that this coronavirus is athing, like an actual thing that might affect me. I mean, I'veheard about it, sure, but not really paid attention. It fell intothe same category as Brexit for me. I purposefully tuned out to it becauseany information I did pick up made me anxious and scared. I deliberately hadkept my distance from it. It was background noise to the all consuming dramaof me. But now I'm made aware of it again, it seems liketoo terrifying to be true. Hi Eln, however, distracted by it for amoment before the impending reality of what I know have to do slaps meright back into the present moment. I have, of course, puts mykeys through the letter box, so have to suffer the indignity of knocking onthe door, at first so quiet he would struggle to hear if he waslistening on the other side through a stethoscope, then getting increasingly louder and more frantic. He was taking his sweet time to answer, but he is entitledto that at least. I eventually resort to having to shout through the letterbox and finally I hear a movement from insight and he opens the door.He looks awful. I glimpse the mental and physical effect breaking up his haton him and I feel another deep Pang of shame. I prepare myself foran inevitable sarcastic snarl of so what do you want? But he does nothingof the sort. There's not a hint of anger or recrimination as he justlooks at me through TV red eyes and says softly hey. He then turnsaround abruptly, leaving me standing on the door mat, and stumbles, hungover with heartache, to the bedroom.

I hear him shut the door.I walk into the place I thought I had just left forever. I setmy suitcase down and it hits me all of a sudden. I'm aware thatI feel completely terrible physically emotionally, this has all taken a toll on me. I burst into loud, snob bubbling sobs. I fall to my kneesand I cry loudly, uncontrollably pathetically, until I eventually manage to collect myselfenough to get over to the couch and I fall into it, into adeep sleep. When I wake up, I'm in the bed. I feelworse, sweating, coughing. Aching beside me is a jug of iced waterand an open pack of Paracetamol. I'm aware of aiden somewhere in the roomand I hear him ask how are you feeling? I try to answer,but that provokes a coughing fit and I can't catch my breath. I beginto panic and Eden sits on the bed holds me gently as my costs dissolveinto tears. Then sleep again. This pattern is repeated for what seems likedays. I drifted in and out of consciousness. I lost or sense oftime. I just remember being ill, like really ill, feeling just dreadful. And I remember one other thing. Every time I woke up, everytime I was conscious, aiden was there, present, looking after me, askingme how I was feeling, holding me, getting me things, tenderly, caring for me like someone who loved me. He did it without ahint of malice too, after what I had just done to him, breakinghis heart like that. I'll be honest, I didn't know he was capable ofthis level of kindness. I didn't know he was capable of being thisloving or displaying this degree of emotional intelligence. By the time the fog of myfavor had lifted, aiden had changed right before my eyes. Instead ofBoeu, I saw commitment and strength and the only person in the universe thatI could turn up to with a suitcase, regardless of the circumstance, and bewelcomed in and looked after. Now that I was beginning to feel better, the guilt and shame was beginning to kick back in. It occurred tome that the things wrong in our relationship, me and aid, and I meanmaybe it might be me. It occurred to me that maybe life isn'talways a perfect jigsaw picture that you pieced together, but a series of decisionsabout what you're going to do with your time and who you're going to spendit with. Maybe love is more about looking after someone when they're sick.Then it is about inspiring you to be the best person you can be.Maybe that's her relationships work. These revelations fell on me almost rhythmically, oneby one, and led me to the thing I already knew. I lovedaiden. I truly loved him. I know urgently had to speak to himto find out how he was feeling. We do we even go from here? Did he still want me in his Jig saw? I voted. Nexttime he came into the room to check on me, I would speak tohim, I would apologize and I would speak to him and I would tellhim that I loved him and that,...

...if it was okay with him,could we just forget that I had left and continue to be in our relationship, and I promise, I would promise to do better. I would tryand do better the very next time he comes into the room. I wouldsay all these things, except, of course I didn't. It was himthat brought it up later on that evening, after he'd been into check on meat least four or five times and I hadn't been able to summon thecourage to say anything. Rona, I'm sorry for doing this to you,for making you aiden. I interrupted don't. This is not your fault. Allthe same, I'm sorry. I was so worried. I know thissounds crazy, but at one point I thought I might lose you, metoo, but you didn't. I couldn't have cope with that, you know. If you had gone, it was my fault, fault, and Iheard his voice crack as he said this, and I was overwhelmed with love forhim. I kissed him on the lips and held him tight. Itwas your fault, it was mine. How was it your fault I hadat first? I must have passed it on to you. No, itwasn't your fault. I thought you weren't part of my Juksa, you see. And wait a minute, whoa? What did you pass on to methe virus I had at first? I know I caught off as well.Martin in the office. He was skin in Italy in February, come backcovering up along. He's an UNHIGIIC bastard at the best of times. That'swho gave it to me. Be You, a million pounds chick. Saw WhatJigsaw? Sorry, what? What virus? The Corona thing? Yeah, that was the coronavirus. Must have been. I mean you hadn't muchworse than me, but still, we're through the worst of it. Heand then it dawns on me at once. The idiot had no idea I hadtried to leave him. He wasn't brokenhearted, he was ill. Histrembling in bed next to me was not him crying, it was fever.My first instinct is one of anger. I have been falling back in lovewith him because of his selfless, mature reaction. Would all the time themore on hadn't even realized he was getting dumped in the first place. Histaking care of me was just him taking care of me. It was notthe Supreme Act of emotional intelligence I had sought. How dare he mislead melike that? And also coronavirus. I had the coronavirus. For the firsttime in days. I turn on my phone and, through the various socialmedia platforms, start to get a grip of what is going on outside theworld of me. I can't get my head around it. It feels sosurreal, like it's not really happening. Are we really on lockdown? Whateven is a lot locked down? I read about NHS staff and Pepe andthe people dying dying on their own, and I'm overwhelmed by it all.I start to cry. How could I have missed this? How could Inot know what was happening? And then aiden walks back into the room withthe tea and he sees me freaking out and he drops the tea on thefloor so he can leap across the bed to throw his arms around me.It's going to be okay, he says.

We've got each other right. It'sgoing to be okay, and when he says that, I allow myselfto think that it might be. It will come as no surprise to youto learn that I didn't tell him. I won't tell him. I unpackwithout him knowing, I delete all relevant emails, I phone my sister,I race it, it's never happened. We isolate, of course, don'tleave the house and, despite the fact we're both wiped out a lot ofthe time, it's one of the best fortnights of our entire relationship. Wetalk, we choose films for each other, we cook, we download Tick Tockand make a dancing video. We laugh. I forgot you made melaugh. It's strange. Despite the seriousness of things, the weirdness and thehorribleness of this virus. I was the most carefree I'd ever been. Nowork to worry about, no need to be anywhere but in the flat withhim being us. I do get the odd guilt lurch and anxiety rises upin me. What if aiden finds out I was going to leave him?What if Daniel Sauce was right in the first place and a better, morefulfilling life lies out there waiting for me? When this happens, I swallow itback down like a mouthful of sick and I try to do something toget the taste out of my mouth. Early one morning, I can't rememberwhat day was, but it was around the Easter weekend. AIDEN and Iare lounging in the back garden. It's not really a back garden, it'sa small square of flagstones with a knee high fence round it. We've beenquiet for some time, but comfortably quiet. His hand is on the back ofmy neck and he's stroking me with one finger. If you could haveanything, anything right now, what would it be? I asked him outof the blue, and what I want him to say is nothing. Idon't want for anything. You are all I need. Instead, he answerswith something I would not have guessed he would say in a thousand years.Anything. I can have anything right now. Okay then, I really would liketo get stoned with you. I would really like some weet. Imean it's the perfect time right I haven't smoked since university, but now itstuck in the house, time on our hands, time to relax. Wouldn'tenjoy? Not Be Perfect right now? Now? In the whole time I'veknown him, Aden hasn't once done any kind of drugs. He doesn't smoke, he doesn't even drink that much. But I felt an unexpected thrill pulsethrough me when he said this. Whether it was because he explicitly said hewanted to do it with me or because he had genuinely managed to surprise mewith his answer, there was no nothing. I wanted to do more than getstoned with him. Yes, that would be perfect right now. Doyou know anyone? Nah, of course, I don't have a smokes as myuni days. Anyway, we're on lockdown. I'm not sure we'd isan essential item. What if I can get some? Can You? Ican see what I can do. So I phoned Marie. This is theshit. Marie is made for. She will know someone. This is rightin her wheelhouse. Of course she doesn't answer. Who doesn't answer their phonein lock down? What are you doing? Frustrated, I phone her again,this time straight to voice mail. Marie, useless piece of Shet.Where are you when you can actually be...

...of practical use to me for achange? Okay, plan B. It's a long shot, like a realoutside chance, but there's a woman who works in the corner shop. Shelooks a bit rough, but she knows everyone, everything that happens in theneighborhood. I watch her sometimes when I'm in listen to her talking to theother customers. Her depth of knowledge was astounding, disturbing. Maybe she knowswho lives in every flat, House and garden shed within three square miles ofthe shop and an uncomfortable amount about their daily lives, addictions, operations,new purchases. There seemed to be no limit to the level of personal detailshe was aware of. It occurred to me she might know someone, someoneclose by, who could sell some wheat. She didn't look like the type ofperson who would disapprove, you know, she looked like she might even smokeabout herself. I briefly contemplated putting makeup on, then decided dressing upfor a potential drug deal was probably not that necessary. Also, I hadn'tgot near makeup for two weeks, and now the whole bother of it seemedquite tiresome, this from the girl who frequently used to spend a third ofher month's wages on benefit and Mac. I put on my shoes and grabbedmy jacket. Not leaving me. Are You edden called? No, Isaid far too loudly, and panicky blunt suddenly rushing to my face. Whyon Earth would you say that? Because you're put in your Jacko on.I'm just snipping out for a minute. I won't be long. On theway to the shop I day dreamed about this working out, me returning backto him having successfully procured weed out of thin air, how much that wouldimpress him, and I almost skipped with delight as I imagined his face stunnedby my marvelousness. For like a minute I genuinely believed that this would work. Then I got into the shop and realized how utterly ridiculous this idea was. I didn't know this woman. Not only that, she looked hard asnails, like prison hard. I could barely bring myself to speak to herwhen I was going in for a normal shop. The idea that I wassomehow going to be able to strike up a conversation about drugs now seemed outof the question. The shop was empty when I got there, not asoul in she was behind the counter aggressively unpacking toffee crisps. I realized Iwould have to buy something. If this was going to work, it wouldneed to look casual and not like I had specifically come in there for thepurposes of finding a drug a dealer. Then I almost had a panic attackabout what I should buy. What were the most casual items in the shop? Milk. Neither Dan or I drank milk, but that's what people buy, right. I pick up a four leater carton of full fat milk andapproach the counter with a big stupid smile on my face. I mean,never mind the fact that up until that point I'd done everything up to andincluding faking a phone call to avoid speaking or eye contact with her two metersaway, she says, before I even got near the counter. What?Oh, yes, of course that's sorry. I take a step back and nowat least four meters away and too far from the counter to put themilk down. So I kind of lean forward, without moving my feet orbending my body in some sort of weird Michael Jackson dance move, and placethe milk on the near end of the counter. I then have to pushwith my arms on the counter to get enough momentum to stand up straight again. The woman immediately wipes where my hands touched the counter with a class whilenever breaking direct eye contact with me.

The cloth looked like it was usedto wipe up the blood of the original Corona Bat. I realize I've fuckedthis already. How you coping, I ask lightly with you know everything,and my voice goes up on the end of everything, so that it soundslike I'm not sure what everything means. Her eyes slant to the point thatthey are barely a slit and she tilts her head to one side like sheis contemplating whether to kill me or not. For the first time in my adultlife that I can remember, I actually might pee myself. And itwas at this point, this exact point, and I'm not making this up,a very old man burst through the door and shouted at the top ofhis voice, Hey, have you got in it, quockernach? She thencalled him a suicidal old bastard. A heated exchange takes place that I didnot understand a word of, and then he leaves as quickly as arrived,with a jar of peanut butter. As he leaves he shouts well Ye,gene, and instead of looking pleased about it, she turns to me andasks aggressively, what did teach us say to me? I love you,and she stares at me motionless, as if I'm the one who said it. Like I said, I'm not making this up. It occurs to mefor a second this is a dream, or maybe I'd already manage to getsome weed smoked it and this was some kind of out of body hallucination.Regardless, the strangeness of the Old Man's intervention somehow liberated me from the normalconstraints of social interaction and I blurt out to the woman, you don't knowwhere I can get any wheat, do you? She didn't even look up. It's just my boyfriend and I. We don't usually do that sort ofthing, but we thought we might. You know, since we're on lockdown, not a blink. I contemplated saying something else. I also thought aboutjust running out of the shop and never returning. As I was just aboutto do this, she said, read whacky backy Cadabus. Yes, that'swhat you're looking for, and you thought you'd come to me. I justthought you'd seem to know a lot about this place and me, a womanyou've ever spoken to before, a key worker in the pandemic. You thoughtyou'd come to me to find your drugs for you. Look, it doesn'tmatter. It was just on the off chance, you know, Hashtag allof this together. And as I'm saying that, I'm thinking to myself,why are you seeing this? She stares at me with unblinking, uncomprehending eyes, like a Vegan looking at an animal tester. Luke, I'm just goingto go. I think that would be for the best, don't you?And I'm halfway out the shop and she shouts do you want your milk oroh, but I'm too embarrassed to turn around. I just leave and walkaround the corner away from the window of the shop so she can't see me. I'm shaking. I try and collect myself, process what has just happened. I never imagine myself returning to the flat empty handed and aid and askingwhere I disappeared to, and me trying to explain what just happened. Andinstead of him seeing me is this magical girlfriend who's socially connected enough to getdrugs at the drop of a hat, he's going to see me as oddand silly and weird, which, as we all know, is the actualtruth of the matter. Another rush of shame wells up from the pit ofmy stomach as the events of the previous...

...week's replay in my head and Isee the trajectory of my erratic emotional behavior laid before me and all it's resplendentridiculousness. I feel like a child, like a selfish child who doesn't knowanything, he doesn't know her own mind, who doesn't know how to handle life. I feel utterly overwhelmed by my own incompetence, by my own silliness. I mean, people are dying right now. I could have died andhere, I know I am. I can remember praying in my head,well, not prying exactly, pleading an internal plea to anyone. Just giveme a sight, someone, please tell me what to do. To beall I need is someone to tell me what I should be doing with mylife, and I'll do that. I will do that very thing. Andjust as I'm about to cry to brand new, weird as shit, thingshappen in very quick succession. First, my phone goes. It's Marie.She must be returning my call. A Shiver of hope runs through me.I quickly answer Marie. Marie, thank God you phoned. I need afavor. Rona, Rona note me first. You are not going to believe this. What. What is it? I just been watching a live comedyGig on Youtube because Daniel was on it. Do you know he has a girlfriend. Now what? He has a girlfriend, a girlfriend, Rona,the treacherous little shit, has a girlfriend. What are you talking about? Andas she's explaining to me exactly what she's talking about, and I againswear to you I'm not making this up, something falls out of the sky andlands on my head. It's not heavy enough to hurt me, butit's surprising enough that I scream and drop the phone. I look down tosee what it is and it takes me a second because I can't believe whatI'm looking at they're on the pavement. Lying beside my phone, with Marie'swittering still streaming out of it, is a large transparent vacuum pack bag ofwhat was unmistakably we'd the chronalogs. Is a watch this space production in partnershipwith guilted blood. If you have enjoyed this recording, please consider making adonation. The details can be found in the audio description, alternatively by visitingwatch this space productionscom or guilded blind dot or don't Yuk. All donations willbe split evening between contributors, with a donation going to wards. The GuildBull and thank you. chicksaw uzzle was written by Ker MC allister. RNAwas played by Megan Shandley. Jane was played by Georgeo Sutherland. Original musiccomposed and performed by Dave b Mac the special thanks to Alex Stephen, RichardMelvine, Kevin Anderson, Katie and Karen Corn and all that guild of Bilin.

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